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Daisy Taylor In 'Den Schwanz meiner beiden Mitbewohner ausschalten'

Daisy Taylor - Den Schwanz meiner beiden Mitbewohner ausschalten

Daisy Taylor findet Dante Colle vor dem Fernseher chillend und beschließt, sich anzuschleichen und seinen Schwanz zu lutschen. Als ihr Mitbewohner Jayden Marcus auftaucht, versteckt Dante den schlampigen Freund mit einer Decke. Dante schmuggelt seinen Schwanz in Daisy unter den Tisch, während Jayden seine Aufmerksamkeit auf die Bruströhre richtet. Dante bricht in Daisys ein und platzt heraus, so dass Daisy versuchen muss, unbemerkt aus dem Raum zu kommen. Markus erspäht Daisys Creampie und will rein. Daisy kann seinem harten Schwanz nicht widerstehen und beschließt, den Schwanz zu verdoppeln. Dante kehrt zurück und schließt sich einem heißen Mitbewohner-Dreier an.

Daisy Taylor In 'Dating Gänseblümchen'

Daisy Taylor - Dating Gänseblümchen

Selbst die heißesten greifen manchmal auf Online-Dating zurück. Dies ist der Fall für die sexy Daisy Taylor (die ihr glorreiches und lang erwartetes ZZ-Debüt macht), die aus ihrem Schlafzimmer durch eine Dating-App streift. Funken fliegen, als sie Das Profil von Xander Corvus und die beiden Handelsfotos findet. Daisy erhöht die Ante, indem sie ein dampfendes Striptease-Video sendet, das ihren heißen Körper zeigt und Xander durch die Stadt fesschen lässt, um sie zu treffen. Bei Daisy teilen die beiden einen unbeholfenen, aber entzückenden Small Talk, bis ihre Lust die Macht übernimmt. Xander zieht seinen Schwanz für die eifrige Daisy heraus und gibt ihr den Mund und Arsch ein gutes Ficken. Die Chemie ist klar und rot heiß. Willkommen bei Brazzers, Daisy!

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Kenzie Taylor In 'Porn Crush'

Kenzie Taylor - Porn Crush

Nominated - Best Sex Scene - Trans, XBIZ 2022

TS cutie Daisy Taylor loves to perform for a camera. The tattooed brunette looks hot in a leather skirt for her date with platinum blonde cisgender girl Kenzie Taylor. Busty Kenzie wears a black bikini and a warm smile. The ladies caress and French kiss intimately. Kenzie peels down Daisy's bulging panties. Gasping Kenzie loves the way Daisy sucks tits and eats pussy. In a long, languid cunnilingus session, Kenzie pulls Daisy by the hair into Kenzie's furry bush. Next, Daisy bends over so Kenzie can rim her asshole while stroking her thick she-cock. That leads to ball lapping and a blowjob with hand stroking. On the couch, Kenzie kneels ass-up/face-down for a doggie-style fuck. Kenzie buries her face in Daisy's crack for more rimming, plus deepthroat fellatio. The girls' creamy thighs slap together as Kenzie rides dick. Mutual masturbation comes with soft mouth kissing. As they share sex-flavored smooches, Kenzie says, 'My pussy and your asshole together taste really good.' These playful girls are giddy to be together and truly affectionate throughout.

Bunny Colby In 'TS Daisy Taylor Fucks Cis Girl Bunny!'

Bunny Colby - TS Daisy Taylor Fucks Cis Girl Bunny!

Sassy TS Daisy Taylor arrives at director Joey Silvera's shooting location in bikini and heels. The shorthaired, hot-assed brunette sports tattoos and a bulging bikini bottom. Daisy greets pale, dirty blonde cisgender girl Bunny Colby, and they initiate a playful, sensual session kissing, caressing and cavorting. Daisy sucks Bunny's big boobs; Bunny's touch makes Daisy's bulge grow. Bunny goes down for a deepthroat blowjob and strokes Daisy's spit-wet shaft. Daisy eats Bunny's bald, pink gash, making Bunny squeal. With Bunny's leg up on Daisy's shoulder, Daisy eases her she-prick into Bunny's pussy and pumps, thumbing her clit and making Bunny whimper happily. Daisy grips Bunny by the hair for a face fuck. Bunny rides she-dick, humping and gasping as Daisy sucks Bunny's nipples. Next, Bunny sodomizes Daisy with a clear glass toy, making Daisy's smooth, pink butthole gape! Squealing Bunny gets off on a big, electric vibe as Daisy fucks herself with the toy and jacks her girl-boner. Daisy masturbates till she squeezes out sticky cum. Finally, the playful girls (who seem to be buddies) admit that they like being bitchy to their fans!

H3ll4SL00tz In 'Daisy's Devotion: Daisy Taylor Gives In And Gives It Up'

H3ll4SL00tz - Daisy's Devotion: Daisy Taylor Gives In And Gives It Up

Daisy Taylor is a willing sub to her new Lord. She is ascending to the next level of divine devotion by proving her unyielding subservience and commitment to Master H3ll4Sl00tz who delights in sensual earthly pleasures and kinky sexual hedonism. Dressed in virginal gauzy white and a delicate crown of flowers Daisy is on her knees chained, shackled and surrounded by candles for her ritualistic initiation. But things aren't delicate for long when Sl00tz rips off Daisy's little shirt to reveal her perfect breasts. He orders her to lay over his knee for a spanking to get her warmed up. Now gagged and chained to the ceiling Daisy is taken to the edge with teasing and denial as Lord Sl00tz strokes her hard cock and feels her tits and reminds her that he is the one and only. Flogging, spanking and more hot edging ensue. On the bed sexy Daisy crawls over to her Master and sucks his hard dick getting it all wet and slippery. He jacks Daisy's cock while she licks his ass until finally they fuck. On all fours with arched back and ass up high Daisy takes Lord Sl00tz's cock deep inside her ass and he fucks her good. He flips her over into missionary and with her legs spread wide and tits bouncing Daisy gets her ass fucked into submission and she loves it so much she cums. Then she mounts her Masters cock and rides it all the way home until H3ll4Sl00tz shoots his load up her ass impregnating her with his divine seed. This is Daisy's very first Kink and BDSM shoot and boy is it hot!