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Essie Gotback In 'Reib mich, necke mich'

Essie Gotback - Reib mich, necke mich

Essie Gotback ist eine heiße Personal Trainerin. Sie peitscht Alex Legend in Form, aber sein Training wird auf den Kopf gestellt, als er die meiste Zeit damit verbringt, Essie zu beeindrucken und ihr zu zeigen, dass sie es nicht bereuen wird, wenn sie ihn fickt. Alex hat eine letzte Chance, seinen Schuss zu schießen, als Essie seine müden Muskeln massiert. Hat Alex noch ein letztes Cardio-Workout in sich?

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Ethan Seeks In 'Essie's Ass Makes It Snow On The Bus'

Ethan Seeks - Essie's Ass Makes It Snow On The Bus

Riding around this rainy day, and I almost jumped out the van when I saw Essie's ass in her yoga pants. She really works out. So, I tried that approach to get her to talk to us; asking her could she could help me get into shape. But she was not going. Well, I know one sure fire way for her to hear what I had to say. You guessed it, money. I just got straight to the point today, how much to see that perfect body naked. I told her I got two thousand. She wasn't offended, she actually peeped that I had more, and that I needed to up the offer; which I did. We got her on the bus and she is indeed a smoke house. She teases Ethan saying she could use a massage, after her workout. So, Ethan began to rub on her soft round ass. Ethan's dicks got swollen, and he starts to slap it on her ass. Essie is shocked at first, but then she asks, if Ethan wants her to suck it. She takes him down her throat and then Ethan commences to give her the fucking her amazing body deserves. Her tight pussy gripping and her ass jiggling all over the van. Until Ethan releases a massive load on her face. Ethan still in awe of how hot she is forgetting she is plastered with cum, kisses her for his first snow ball. Hopefully Essie is back real soon, because I still cannot stop thinking about her ass in those yoga pants.