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If you've been scoping the brightest stars in European adult industry, you've no doubt seen Patty Michova in action. This Slovakian-born starlet started her career in 2013, and she's attracted international attention from her earliest days taking dicks on camera. Since starting out, Patty's learned all the ins and outs of the adult industry, and how to draw viewers in with her huge boobs and larger-than-life porn performances. When she isn't on-set filming, you can usually find Patty at the gym, lifting weights and doing cardio to maintain her wicked hourglass figure. To unwind from her hectic schedule, Patty loves to luxuriate in a bubble bath, or head out to her favorite spa where the staff treats her like a queen. You'll notice there isn't a single tan-line on Patty's body, as she's a fixture on nude beaches, where she lets the sun kiss every naughty inch of her!

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Patty Michova In 'Elegante Begegnungen'

Patty Michova - Elegante Begegnungen

Die blonde Patty Michova zeigt sich in einem eleganten weißen Kleid; Der Ausschnitt fällt tief und zeigt ihre erstaunlichen, runden Brüste. Patty hat nur eines im Kopf, und das ist ein großer, dicker Schwanz, um den sie ihre prallen Lippen wickeln kann. Als Danny D ankommt, macht er sich direkt an die Arbeit! Er zieht Pattys langes Kleid hoch, um ihren erstaunlichen Arsch und ihre enge Muschi in einem weißen Tanga zu enthüllen. Patty reitet Dannys großen Schwanz, bis sie wieder und wieder abspritzt, und Danny lässt seinen Liebessaft über Pattys wunderschönes Gesicht explodieren!

Patty Michova In 'Vip Muschi'

Patty Michova - Vip Muschi

Jemand hat Jordi in den VIP-Raum gelassen und Patty Michova ist da, um alle seine Wünsche zu erfüllen. Sie liefert in Hülle und Fülle, indem sie ihre Massagemelonen benutzt, um eine große Ladung aus Jordis unproportioniertem Schwanz zu massieren!

Alexa Tomas In 'Pornstar gehen xxx Parodie'

Alexa Tomas - Pornstar gehen xxx Parodie

Während er sich auf Brazzers mobile einloggt, entdeckt Jordi El Nio Polla, dass alle führenden Pornostars der Welt von der besten Pornoseite der Welt verschwunden sind! Jordi beschließt, dass er sie alle fangen muss und begibt sich auf ein Abenteuer, um die heißesten Pornostars (Ella Hughes, Alexa Tomas, Patty Michova) zu suchen und sie zurück nach Brazzers zu bringen, wo sie hingehören. Durch die Verwendung der Pornstar Go App auf seinem Handy wird Jordi bald herausfinden, dass Ella, Alexa und Patty nicht erwischt werden wollen – sie sind nur wilde Schlampen, die einen Schwanz saugen und ficken wollen!

Patty Michova In 'Xxx-Männer- Psylocke vs Magneto (xxx Parodie)'

Patty Michova - Xxx-Männer- Psylocke vs Magneto (xxx Parodie)

Magneto (Danny D) dringt in die X-Mansion ein und mit all den anderen X-Men ist es an der sexy Psylocke (Patty Michova) an, den Superschurken mit allen notwendigen Mitteln abzuwehren, auch wenn es bedeutet, seinen bösen mutierten Dong zu saugen.

Patty Michova In 'Banging den Butler'

Patty Michova - Banging den Butler

Als Butler Danny D zu Unrecht des Diebstahls beschuldigt wird, kommt ihm die Geliebte des Hauses Patty Michova zu Hilfe. Galant bietet Danny eine heiße nass efucking, um für die falschen Anschuldigungen ihres Mannes zu kompensieren, Patty gibt ihrem Butler mehr als seine Füllung ihrer engen Muschi und üppigen Busen.

Patty Michova In 'Der Fensterwächter'

Patty Michova - Der Fensterwächter

Danny Ds Job als Fensterreiniger ist nicht immer lohnend, aber sein Glück wird sich ändern. Busty Geschäftsfrau Patty Michova fühlt sich flirty und sie mag die Art und Weise Danny handhabt, dass Rakel. Sie gibt ihm ein wenig necken ihre großen Titten, bevor er seinen massiven Schwanz durch ihr fachmännisch gereinigtes Fenster saugt!

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Patty Michova In 'Fucking at the Nude beach!'

Patty Michova - Fucking at the Nude beach!

Coming to you from Spain. We're back with another exciting episode of Public Bang. This time we had the sexy Patty Michova, so we decided to take her to a nude beach. Of course the place was only packed with old men, but they sure did get a free show. We started by rubbing oil all over Patty's huge tits and pretty pussy. Then Christian Clay started eating her pussy. Now from a distance, the other beach goers might not have been sure what they were doing yet, but then Christian stood up and Patty started deep throating his cock. A few people walked by to check out the action, but most just sat back to enjoy the show, including a few passing commuter trains. One train even stopped to watch for a while. Our couple never stopped fucking though. Patty rode Christian's dick like she was in a rodeo, and Christian slammed her pussy from behind while she screamed. They even 69ed in front of everybody. Only in Spain. I'm surprised the audience didn't clap when Patty swallowed a mouthful of cum. They were probably still in shock. Nothing like this ever happens when I go to the beach, but you can see it here. Enjoy.

Patty Michova In 'Crazy Creampie'

Patty Michova - Crazy Creampie

It's hot and Albeto Blanco is horny. He finds the sexy Patty Michova by the pool catching a suntan. She can use some oil and a good fucking. Patty had big tits and big juicy ass. Things got hot. Alberto cock hard as a rock. We went to the shade so Patty can receive a cream pie from Spain. Welcome!

Patty Michova In 'Public Bang Bitches!'

Patty Michova - Public Bang Bitches!

Here in Spain, we don't give a fuck! We in Europe love the body, love the women and love to have sex in Public! We embrace our sexuality so why not share it with you. Today we meet up with a sexy European babe, Patty Michova. Nick Moreno is one happy dog, because she has huge tits and a nice fat ass. Patty is perfect to fuck! She loves sex and wants to get crazy in these streets of Spain. No matter who watches. That won't stop her from taking some cock. Nick finds a perfect alley behind apartment building. Hope we don't get in trouble. Chow!

Patty Michova In 'It Takes Two Men To Handle Patty Michova'

Patty Michova - It Takes Two Men To Handle Patty Michova

If you saw Patty Michova's first SCORE threesome, "Fuck Business. Big Tits Cum First," you know this sleek and horny honey is a total wild cat. Just turn her loose and look out. Today Patty is having a drink at a bar with Tom. He hasn't fucked Patty yet but now the wait is over. In walks Matt, who did have the honor of banging Patty in "Patty & The Painter." But there's no rivalry going on because Patty's going to ride their cocks, right now. As soon as a guy looks at Patty, his dick stiffens. Patty gets off her bar stool and feels their junk. She's antsy and she needs some action. While Tom is checking out Patty's tight butt sticking in his face, Matt whips his pipe out for Patty to throat.

Patty Michova In 'Staircase To Big Boob Heaven'

Patty Michova - Staircase To Big Boob Heaven

Jay runs into Patty Michova in an empty stairwell. Patty is looking hot as usual. This girl knows how to show off her body. The sight of her gets Jay as horny as a monk visiting an all-girls' school. He makes a play for her right then and there when she begins rubbing her boob and staring at him with a smile. Jay manhandles Patty on the steps. They start making out. Patty wants his cock right now. They don't care about people seeing them. Patty sandwiches his wiener between her boob-buns then sticks it down her wet throat.

Patty Michova In 'Fuck Business. Big Tits Cum First'

Patty Michova - Fuck Business. Big Tits Cum First

There would be a reduction in global economic problems if more of the business community practiced the work ethics of our crack SCORE team composed of Patty Michova (the ringleader and general, all-purpose office hottie), Neeo and Dennis. Together, these dedicated professionals know how to produce results. Slender and stacked with a hot rack that needs lots of attention from hung studs, Patty is the big enchilada of this office. She creates a mini-orgy by calling for drill-practice while Neeo is attempting to show Patty the document he's prepared. (It's actually a pencil drawing Neeo's made of Patty's tits and pussy.) However, Patty only has two figures in mind and that's the length of their meat-rulers when erect. Since Patty is dressed in a tight, low-cut sweater and a ridiculously tiny skirt, she's obviously trying to emphasize two points in her financial projections and will shortly be bringing fresh meaning to the word spreadsheet. In Europe, office workers like to share quality time together and when they fuck, they leave a lot of their clothes on, at least in the beginning. They like to get down to business as fast as possible and can shave off seconds by not spending time removing their shirts and pants. They don't believe in naked strategies. Neeo makes the opening call on Patty and Dennis joins in quickly.

Patty Michova In 'A Big Cream Pie For Busty Patty'

Patty Michova - A Big Cream Pie For Busty Patty

Lithe and limber, sultry sexbomb Patty Michova said she wanted to be a porn star and came to SCORE to make her goal a reality. There's nothing she needs to learn. When it comes to sex, Patty, like most European SCORE Girls, knows everything, is in great physical shape and has mad skills. Patty looks into the camera as much as she can. She says she enjoys putting on a show, and fucking on-camera allows her to do that. It satisfies and charges up her powerful exhibitionistic personality to know that she will be watched later when these well-shot photos and the video are published. Her athletic partner George gives Patty so hard a pounding it's a miracle that the breakfast table they fucked on didn't collapse under the stress. It's said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. This couple believed that advice. Excited by her slender, busty body and dancer physique, George becomes a human ramrod.

Patty Michova In 'Patty and The Painter'

Patty Michova - Patty and The Painter

Last time at SCORELAND, newcomer Patty Michova was a stripper riding the pole before she rode the pole. Now Patty wants a paint job at her place. She will get one but not the kind she thought she would be getting. The painter is more interested in laying his hog on Patty than in painting the walls. Maybe he's seen her strip at that club. They go through the color schemes while he schemes to get into her panties. But no con games are needed. The color she wants is spunk white. Patty is game to go and is ready for his tool. Now it's couch dance time.

Patty Michova In 'Sweater Babe'

Patty Michova - Sweater Babe

New Discovery Patty Michova strips down to finger and toy her pussy in this fresh video and matching pictorial. A student and a dancer from Slovakia, 21-year Patty has a 24-inch waist and F-cup tits. Patty wants to be a porn star and with her first two XXX scenes under her garter belt, Patty is well on her way to that goal! She is a total exhibitionist with not a molecule of shyness and a fast learner. Our photographers in Prague said that Patty came into the studio that day wearing this tight sweater and they liked how she looked in it so much that they asked her to wear it instead of picking something else. Who knows better than a SCORE model herself what clothing to wear to raise..attention!

Patty Michova In 'Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl'

Patty Michova - Pole Dancing Fantasy Girl

A nice, quiet afternoon at his favorite strip club watering hole was what this man wanted. The place was empty except for a new girl he'd never seen before. She said her name was Patty Michova and she had just started dancing. Patty wanted to be a model and she had already posed for SCORE magazine. She was anxiously awaiting that issue. The thought of being seen in an international men's mag sold around the world made her tremble with excitement. The bartender served Neeo his drink and told him he had to go next door for something. "Keep an eye on the place for a few minutes," he asked him. Neeo was more interested in keeping an eye on Patty. She had all the right moves.

Patty Michova In 'Stacked and Wet'

Patty Michova - Stacked and Wet

Meet newcomer Patty Michova. She comes from Slovakia and currently lives in Austria. Here's a pop quiz before we tell you about Patty. Who else comes from Slovakia? She's one of the most famous girls in SCORELAND. Patty learned about SCORE from a friend. She wanted to be in the magazine so she connected. Now you get to see Patty's first photos in all of her bikini glory and beyond. That bod was made for skimpy swimsuits. Patty's a dancer who likes to watch motorcycle racing and she's a fan of the Yamaha Austria Racing Team. She spends her time working out, dancing, watching movies and going to concerts.