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Though she also goes by "Vic Marie," this curvy blonde bombshell's porn moniker of "SlimThick Vic" might be easier for her fans to remember since it so perfectly encapsulates her mouthwatering form. Blessed with a big, bouncy set of tits and a tight little waist, it's her breathtaking bubble butt that will make you do a double-take. That booty looks amazing in a thong on the beach, and even better when she throws it back on a big cock, so stop in and don't be afraid to stare: Vic loves to show off her ASSets!

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SlimThick Vic In 'Big tit vic jagt älteren Schwanz'

SlimThick Vic - Big tit vic jagt älteren Schwanz

Die sexy SlimThick Vic wohnt bei ihrer älteren Schwester und dem Freund ihrer Schwester, Scott Nails. Als Scott Vic mit seiner Schwester verwechselt und von hinten auf sie zukommt, wird Vic angemacht und beschließt, Scotts Schwanz auszuprobieren. Vic drängt Scott an der Dusche in die Enge und blitzt ihm ihre großen Titten zu. Bald gibt sie dem genommenen Mann ein gutes Saugen und Ficken!

Oliver Davis In 'Helfende Hände geil milf Teil 1'

Oliver Davis - Helfende Hände geil milf Teil 1

Slimthick Vic und Mick Blue begrüßen Micks College-Sohn und seine Freundin Asteria Diamond am Wochenende in ihrem Haus. Vic ist Micks neue Frau, und sie ist auf einer Mission, ihn mit ihrem unersättlichen Hunger nach Schwanz zu erfreuen. Asteria hat auch Schwanzfieber und saugt ihren Mann bei der Ankunft schnell ab. Nachdem ein früher Pop-Schuss auf die Gläser Asteria blind gemacht hat, wandert sie in Richtung Badezimmer, nur um versehentlich einen Blick auf Vic und Mick zu erhaschen. Vic schaut sie an und beschließt, ihr zu helfen, alles zu reinigen, in einer schmutzigen Mädchen-auf-Mädchen-Dusche, die zum Scheren direkt auf dem Badezimmerboden führt.

Oliver Davis In 'Helfende Hände geil milf Teil 2'

Oliver Davis - Helfende Hände geil milf Teil 2

Nachdem Slimthic Vic und Asteria Diamond etwas Seifenspaß unter der Dusche haben, schleicht Vic Asteria hinter dem Rücken ihres Freundes ins Schlafzimmer und lädt Mick Blue ein, sich anzuschließen. Micks Sohn kratzt sich am Kopf und sucht im ganzen Haus nach Asteria. Vic lenkt seine Aufmerksamkeit mit dem alten Reach herum, gefolgt von einem schlampigen Blowjob, der ihn dazu bringt, wieder zu knallen und zu rennen. Vics Plan ist ein Erfolg, und sie saugt wieder Schwanz und Muschi in dem Dreier, nach dem sie sich gesehnt hat.

SlimThick Vic In 'Superheißer Nachbar und großer natürlicher Milf-Drain perverser neuer Stiefsohn'

SlimThick Vic - Superheißer Nachbar und großer natürlicher Milf-Drain perverser neuer Stiefsohn

Johnny ist überrascht, als seine heiße Nachbarin SlimThickVic auftaucht, weil sie aus ihrem Haus ausgesperrt ist. Johnnys neue Stiefmutter Ashlynn lädt Vic ein, aufzuräumen und zu duschen. Johnny kann sich nicht selbst und wird dabei erwischt, wie er Vic von Ashlynn ausspioniert, die prompt versucht, ihn mit ihren großen Naturalien zu schlagen. Als Ashlynn Johnny mit dem Nachbarn WIEDER nichts Gutes einholt, reicht nur ein geiler Dreier!

SlimThick Vic In 'Ihre Box füllen'

SlimThick Vic - Ihre Box füllen

Slimthick Vic ist verheiratet, aber sie bekommt nicht den Schwanz, den sie von ihrem Mann braucht. Nach einem gescheiterten Versuch, ihn zu verführen, fühlt sich Slimthick geil und unerfüllt. Als Keiran Lee an die Tür klopft, um ein Paket zu liefern, beschließt Slimthick, dass sie auch sein großes Paket nehmen wird! Keiran kann Slimthicks nasser Muschi und großen, natürlichen Titten nicht widerstehen. Die große Kiste, die Keiran gerade geliefert hat, ist praktisch, wenn sie sich vor Slimthicks Ehemann verstecken müssen, der keine Ahnung hat, was seine geile Frau im Nebenzimmer macht!

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Laney Grey In 'Hot and horny pornstars Laney Grey and Slimthick Vic oil themselves to bounce on your cock!'

Laney Grey - Hot and horny pornstars Laney Grey and Slimthick Vic oil themselves to bounce on your cock!

Laney Grey & Slimthick Vic have a special evening for you, starting by getting their body's oiled up and slippery so that big cock of yours can slide right in their tight wet pussy's.

Slimthick Vic In 'Slimthick Takes Dick'

Slimthick Vic - Slimthick Takes Dick

Slimthick Vic is hot as hell so it's no surprise that Michael Stefano can't wait to get his big cock in her tight pussy. The two fuck hard and enjoy every moment.

Slimthick Vic In 'Caught In An Oil slick'

Slimthick Vic - Caught In An Oil slick

Slimthick Vic is also slick in this scene filled with liquid refreshment from Slimthick Vic is wearing beautiful orange lingerie. If 'Lucky Charms' made women's nightwear they would release this. It's full of detail and when you couple it with Slimthick Vic's frame you have a true boner factory on your hands… The scene begins with the blonde teasing, but in this scene Slimthick Vic is the meal and oil is the condiment of choice. She immediately drizzles some on her front then unleashes her tits. Next her pussy is soaked and flossed with her panties. They made sure to have plenty of oil on hand as Vic's massive buttcheeks are next for the laquering. All of that done during tease and with crystal clear POV mixed in. First time in history oil to produce jizz instead of CO2. With no time for leniency Slimthick straddles a black leather lounge. She twerks her massive donka as oil rains down from the heavens. A merciless sight that should transfix honest booty lovers. Michael Stefano is the fortunate soul that makes ready use of Slimthick's soles. He titty fucks then gets Slimthick Vic's tootsies involved in the drubbing. Slimthick Vic spreads her legs wide while sitting on the lounge and Stefano fucks her while shooting even more oil onto the now shiny tart. Now some smother ensues with Stefano continuing to have focus on Slimthick Vic's hams. Vic's ass is the affirmative star as it's placed in doggy and side saddle as Stefano pounds it on the reg. The winning 'sexcretion' oriented scene ends with Slimthick Vic feeding on Stefano's gusher. A glistening Slimthick Vic giving a quick peek-a-boo then swallow of goo on fade…

Slimthick Vic In 'Slimthick Vic's Perfect Ass'

Slimthick Vic - Slimthick Vic's Perfect Ass

This week we are joined by Slimthick Vic. She's new to the business but her assets are sure to skyrocket her to the top. Vic has a tight body, great tits and an amazing ass. We spent some time worshiping her perfect attributes and then it was time for the real fun to begin. Our Boy Jovan Jordan was the one in charged of giving her the good diking that she deserves. Slimthick's pussy was stretched in several different positions making her cum multiple times. Watching her ass bounce up and down is a beautiful sight. Eventually, she received what she wanted most, a huge load all over her face and tits.

Slimthick Vic In 'Neighbor Affair'

Slimthick Vic - Neighbor Affair

Slimthick Vic and her husband are very distant since Vic cheated on him. But she still has needs and urges to fulfill. Since her husband won't touch her, she sets her sights on her neighbor and gets his cock sliding in her wet, horny pussy!

Slimthick Vic In 'Anniver…Sorry'

Slimthick Vic - Anniver…Sorry

Slimthick Vic had everything ready to spend her anniversary with her husband. However, her step son, Johnny, was trying to do anything to ruin it. She told him to please get out of the house for the night and he refused to it. On top of that, when she was cleaning around the house, he decided to lift up her skirt and slapped her ass. Fed up with him, she decided to ignore him and go along with her plans. She changed into a sexy outfit as she waited for her husband to arrive home. However, she received a call that her husband got held up at work and won't make it in time for their anniversary plans. Disappointed by the news, she decided that she still wanted to get fucked. So dressed in her sexy lingerie, she went back to the living room and dragged him into the bedroom to give him a night that he'll never forget. She took her step son's cock in several different positions. Stretching her tight pussy with every single stroke. She enjoyed every second of before receiving a huge load all over her pretty little face.

Slimthick Vic In 'takes big black dick to save husband's job'

Slimthick Vic - Big Cock Bully

Slimthick Vic stops by her husband's boss' hotel room to give him a piece of her mind. She's tired of her husband's boss always picking on her husband and she wants it to stop. Her husband's boss, Rob, isnt' going to just stop because Vic said so. He requires something in return. So he has Vic put on this strappy lingerie set before shoving his big cock into her wet and waiting pussy. Rob fucks Vic like her man can't and promises to stop bullying her hubby.

Slimthick Vic In 'craves some married cock'

Slimthick Vic - I Have a Wife

Athletic Slimthick Vic is back from a workout and is getting stretched out by her married personal trainer. She seems very horny getting stretched out that she also wants her wet pussy workout now.

Slimthick Vic In ''They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said''

Slimthick Vic - 'They Call Her Slimthick Vic.... Enough Said'

Slimthick Vick brings big league curves and Jules Jordan puts them in all the right positions in this jack-tastic classic. Slimthick is outdoors and poolside as Jules is mesmerized by Slimthick's fleshy goodness. Blue-eyed Vic is adorned in tropical colored shorts that hug her better than bulbous ass. Jules states 'I bet this ass has gotten you in trouble'. He then has the curvy concubine sit on a plexiglass bench. Vic pops her cheeks as she straddles then drizzles oil onto her hams. Glazed for the punishing stroll up the stairs. Slimthick enters the bedroom topless with her shorts rolled down her backside. Jordan has her sandwich his cock between the meaty mounds. She dances on it and smiles then turns around and titty fucks Jules. She then turns back around and sits on Jordan's cock. She braces herself on the floor while Jules palms her glutes and glides them up and down. Slimthick produces some higher pitched fuck-tones then stands straight up as Jordan continues to pump from behind. Combined with Vic's arching we have a stellar fuck show developing... The couple move to the bed and Jules folds Slimthick producing a wondrous ass pleat that he pile-drives. She then goes heels over head. Her white pumps are the only thing left on her sexy frame and the position rounds out her butt for still more eye candy. At one point Jordan points and says 'That's what we call Slimthick right there'. Jordan has Vic ride him in reverse-cowgirl. She slides on his rod with that noted arch while Jordan squeezes her ass like he's testing ripeness of melons at a grocery. Vic gets on her knees and consumes Jordan's rod. He pops while saying 'redecorating that pretty face'...